Modern Team Series: How to create trust in virtual teams


25 October 2018

Trust is essential to the performance of virtual teams. But with 41% of people reporting to never have met the other members of their team face-to-face, it’s not easy to build trust in a primarily virtual environment. Without this face-to-face interaction for many, the task of building trust in a virtual team can feel like being asked to create and nurture a garden in a desert.

Join Jeremy Lowen, Senior Consultant, and Amy Walters, Research and Product Consultant, as they discuss the challenges of building trust when team members have never met face-to-face and top tips for establishing that trust in a virtual environment.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Hear about the latest research into increasingly virtual teams.
  • Learn about the key challenges around building trust in virtual teams
  • Get some top tips to deal with the challenges


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