Webinar | 10 September 2020

On-demand webinar: Getting your people back to their best and thriving again

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About this webinar

COVID-19 has presented a unique and historic challenge to organisations and their people. It has impacted the way we live, work, and connect with each other – no-one in January expected a global lockdown or the consequences of it, but here we all are with our normal routines overturned and no clear way back to the future.

While change is the same for everyone, it is the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that people experience that is unique. Our latest wellbeing research shows the extent to which people feel they are thriving or flourishing hasn’t changed over the last four months. On average, people have scored themselves as 5/10 and the percentage of people who report feeling ‘strained’ has almost doubled, increasing from 16% in month 1 of lockdown to 32% in month 4.

So, the question is: is 5/10 where you want your people to be? Do you want a future where the number of people feeling strained keeps doubling? If not, how do you get your people back to their best and thriving again?

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What we covered in this webinar

Watch our latest wellbeing webinar, where we will explore:

  • What we mean by ‘wellbeing’ and the benefits of implementing it across your organisation
  • The key elements that need to be developed for your people to be at their best and thrive
  • How investing in wellbeing can sow the seeds for the sustainable success of your organisation
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