Webinar | 12 June 2020

On-demand webinar: Mastering remote working with your team

Remote working has quickly become normality for us all, but it still brings the challenge of how to get the best out of the people we lead and work with.

Issues such as supporting staff and being truly accessible, delivering large projects virtually and effectively leading people virtually are still arising even though we’ve settled into this new routine. At Lane4 we’ve been creating high performing teams for 25 years. Through our experience in elite sport, the military, and business we’ve created a framework to develop a high performing team. We believe this is now more important than ever given that we’re working remotely.

In this webinar we discuss how you can apply this model to get the best out of your people while you’re working remotely.

You will:

  • Learn about the Lane4 high performing teams framework and how you can apply it virtually
  • Hear how this has been effective in business and across elite sport
  • Get top tips on how to make your team high performing when working remotely