Webinar | 9 October 2019

On-demand webinar: The 5 mindsets of a future-fit leader

The business environment has shifted substantially. It’s created new rules, and as a result, businesses need to refresh their approach to leadership.

79% of C-suite leaders agree that senior leaders will need to adopt a different set of mindsets for their business to succeed in future. But which mindsets will make a difference?

Following Lane4’s latest research including in-depth interviews with 17 award-winning global leaders, we’ve identified 5 paradoxical mindsets that are crucial for senior leaders to operate effectively in the emerging business context.

This webinar explores:

  • What is a mindset and why does it matter
  • The 5 mindsets future-fit leaders need to drive performance in a modern age
  • How to cultivate these mindsets within your organisation’s senior leaders