On-demand Webinar: The power of managers in motivating your employees


26 November 2020


Over a third of under 35s believe a lack of motivation is hindering their performance at work since the pandemic hit, according to a recent Lane4 and YouGov survey. Whilst this statistic might be unsurprising given the current global context, it can’t be ignored. But what can your business do to tackle this widespread problem? ​

The answer lies with your managers – the people who have a direct, day-to-day impact on your employees’ behaviours and attitudes. There is no guidebook to effectively managing people through a global pandemic where change is the only constant. Understanding the impact of motivation on people is a crucial tool for managers responsible for leading teams in the newly disrupted workplace of 2020.​

Our deliverers for this webinar were Adrian Moorhouse and Adam Wilson. Watch this webinar and you will:​

✓ Explore why the motivation of younger workers may have been hardest hit during the pandemic​
Understand the psychology of motivation and what drives it​
✓ Discover how you can equip your managers to better enhance the motivation of the people they lead​
Take away practical tips to apply back in your own workplace

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