On-demand webinar: Adaptability - the key skill your people need for change


30 July 2020

We’re living in a world where change is an inevitable part of life - it is everywhere and can feel all-consuming. This impacts your people and your organisation as a whole.

So how can you stay competitive and be change ready? The most successful organisations are those with the most adaptable workforces. Every person, at every level, must be able to adapt quickly and effectively. If not, organisations risk being left behind.

In this 30-minute webinar, Adrian Moorhouse and Emma Rowe explored:

  • Why adaptability has become so critical in today’s context
  • The five distinct types of adaptability as identified by Lane4’s extensive research
  • How our personalised learning tool, Adapt4, can develop adaptability at scale across your organisation

Why is adaptability important and how can you develop it in your people?

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