Webinar: How to develop great managers during a pandemic


29 October 2020


The ability of your managers to perform at their best and engage their direct reports is more important than ever.

A recent Lane4 survey carried out by YouGov found that 86% of employees feel that their manager trusting them had a positive impact on their performance. Furthermore, 42% felt that providing effective training for managers would be the best way to establish trust between managers and employees.

With the Coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of ending soon, many organisations are questioning whether they should move all their face-to-face delivery to virtual - this webinar will show you how to do this effectively.

Join us for this webinar, where we will:

✔ Learn why developing managers is now key to long-term organisational performance

✔ Discuss how, by using a performance learning journey to help your people learn, you can maximise the effectiveness of your virtual programmes

✔ Share examples of how organisations have successfully moved their delivery over to virtual

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