HomeServe and Lane4: CIPD People Management Awards

HomeServe and Lane4 are delighted to be a finalist for the 2017 CIPD People Management Awards, Best L&D initiative.

The programme with HomeServe, “Leading 4 success” began in August 2015.

The programmes specific strategic objectives were:


1. Engage HomeServe employees to deliver their customer promises

People engagement sat at a low 56%. To achieve the 2020 growth strategy, they created 5 ‘customer promises’, with 5 parallel ‘people promises’ to help employees genuinely care for their customers:

  • Dare to care
  • Do the right thing
  • Own it
  • Always improve
  • Win together: trust each other


2. Improve leadership development and opportunity

From in-depth analyses of training needs, HomeServe identified 140 senior leaders (‘Heads of’ and ‘Directors of’) with potential to benefit from leadership training.


3. Grow their own workforce/succession planning – a major culture shift

Widescale attrition meant costly external recruitment, as internal candidates lacked the required skills, but poor career opportunities made attracting good people difficult.


4. Break down organisational siloes to strengthen collaboration

Even departments on the same site worked in ‘siloes’, missing opportunities to share resources and expertise.


5. A stronger business in a high-performing environment


In 2014, newly appointed CEO, Martin Bennett embarked on rebuilding the business, moving the focus away from sales and profit to customer satisfaction. Getting ‘back from the brink’ demanded a complete overhaul of their L&D strategy, with a major cultural shift to growing their own, high-performing workforce.


Some key benefits from the programme

  • Engagement rate increased from 56% in 2013 to 82% in 2016
  • Employees feeling their career aspirations were being met increased from 66% in 2016 to 83% in 2017


With the help of Lane4, over the following 18 months, 7 cross-functional, multi-site cohorts undertook a transformational programme. Lane4 have become inspirational leaders who can empower employees to deliver on HomeServe’s customer promises.

To read the full case study, click here.