Lane4 partners with Brand Vista to transform customer and employee experience

(20/03/2020, Maidenhead) Lane4 is proud to announce its new partnership with customer experience alignment agency Brand Vista to deliver a transformational brand and employee engagement product for customer-facing organisations.

Lane4 chose to partner with Brand Vista as it specialises in brand alignment, ensuring that customer interactions with your brand are valuable, positive and consistent – whether someone visits your business, checks out your website or sees one of your posts on social media.

Combining this with Lane4’s offer, which transforms organisational culture in order to revolutionise employee engagement and build high performing leaders, teams and organisations, this new partnership can offer data-driven insight and expert advice on how to close the gap between your employee and customer experiences ‘as they are’ and what you need them to be.

Businesses have traditionally treated their customer experience and their employee experience as distinct, employing different providers and developing separate strategies to improve each. But this fails to recognise the huge impact that one has upon the other. Recent research from Gartner shows that 89% of companies compete on the basis of customer experience (versus 36% six years ago). A crucial aspect of providing an unbeatable customer experience is creating a winning employee experience and a high performance culture.

By working together, Lane4 and Brand Vista not only streamline the process of culture-customer alignment, they increase the impact of the transformation. Our impact is multiplied as everything works together to boost your organisation’s performance.

This process involves:

  • A 360-degree assessment of a business’ existing culture, brand and customer experience.
  • Turning this data into an insight report that addresses all the amplifiers and pain points in both customer and employee experiences.
  • Offering expert advice and guidance on how organisations might want or need to change given market trends. This ensures that businesses make the most of those factors that could enable them to become market leaders, whilst removing any potential blockers to their future success.
  • Supporting the implementation of strategic changes to help businesses close the gap between employee and customer experience ‘as is’ and where you want it ‘to be’.
  • Engaging and upskilling employees so that they are able to deliver the culture, customer experience and brand that is going to be integral to improve business performance.

You can learn more about what this final step entails by watching the Buzz Bingo case study video. This describes Lane4’s Boost methodology, an innovative, top-down and bottom-up approach to problem solving, innovation, creativity and colleague empowerment.

At 12pm, Wednesday 25th March 2020, Lane4 and Brand Vista will be hosting a webinar to explore how prioritising employee experience can become a catalyst for outstanding customer experience. Register now to learn more about enhancing organisational performance through culture and customers.

If you want to know more about this partnership with Brand Vista, or about Boost, you can contact us by webform, email or telephone.