Lane4 sponsors Team ResilientX in cross-Atlantic row

Lane4 is delighted to announce its sponsorship of Max Thorpe as he attempts the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in December 2019.

In a two-man vessel, Max and teammate Dave Spelman will attempt to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. Competitors will race from the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean in the face of some of the most gruelling and inhospitable conditions on Earth.

The attempt takes place almost exactly two years after their previous attempt ended in disaster. Max has shared the story of the journey from his first, near-fatal attempt to the present day, and the lessons he’s learnt along the way, with Lane4. The story will be shared exclusively on the Lane4 website in a series of blogs published over the next five months, as he prepares for and undertakes the challenge once again.

Lane4 wishes Max Thorpe and Dave Spelman the very best of luck for the challenge and wishes all competitors a safe and successful journey.

You can watch Max’s TedX talk on the first attempt here: