On-Demand Webinar: Are you ready for change in 2018?



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When undertaking a large-scale organisational change, the impact on your people and how they will affect the success of the change is often overlooked. It's critical that you determine how ready your people are for change before it happens. 


Do your people really buy into the change? Have they been able to create their own story around why the change is a good idea? Do they have the right capabilities and skills to success once the change happens? 


Join Katie Mahony, Strategy Planning Director, and Andrew Gillespie, Senior Talent Management and Assessment Consultant, as they explore the ways you can asses how prepared your people are for change. This webinar will help you: 

  • Understand why it's important to assess change readiness
  • Explore the ways you can check if your people are ready for change
  • Learn about what you can do once you have these results to positively impact your change

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