Coaching Culture: Are You Maximising Your Investment in Coaching?



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This white paper on coaching for performance includes:

• The importance of coaching culture as a type of high performing environment.
• Research into the value of coaching on business outcomes and leadership development.
• An introduction to the four key foundations of a coaching culture.
• Insights into how to build a coaching culture based on Lane4’s research.


Business coaching, otherwise known as executive or career coaching, is being increasingly used by organisations for leadership development and to achieve organisational objectives. However, unless a coaching mind-set and behaviours are embedded throughout organisations, investment in coaching will not be maximised. So the question is: Are you really maximising the value of your career coaching?

Many authors have argued that the value of executive coaching will not be maximised if coaching is sporadic rather than part of the fabric of the organisation. Rather than career coaching happening in isolated pockets, when a coaching approach is adopted across the whole organisation to help get the best out of people on a day-to-day basis, then it’s considered to be a coaching culture. This is arguably how you can maximise the value of your business coaching.


Coaching Culture: Are You Maximising Your Investment in Coaching? will explain:

• What a coaching culture really comprises of, based on Lane4’s own research and practice.
• The benefits of developing a coaching culture.
• Tips on how you can build a coaching culture in your organisation.

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