Coaching: Time for some answers



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This white paper on executive coaching outlines:

  • The ways which organisations currently use coaching

  • Best practice for making sure you’re getting the most out of your investment in coaching

  • What good coaching looks like


Coaching is the Swiss army knife of the L&D toolkit; it can be used to address a multitude of issues, but the risk is that in reality it gets used for everything or nothing since we’re not really sure exactly what it’s for.

This white paper looks at the best ways to use coaching to improve your organisational performance and how you can assess whether your coaching is being effective.


Coaching: time for some answers white paper will:

  • Identify the ways which you can use coaching to improve organisational performance

  • Outline how you can determine if you’re getting the most out of coaching in your organisation

  • Give you top tips for implementing an effective coaching strategy

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