Collaborate to Perform



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This white paper on collaboration:

  • Helps you to gain clarity on the true meaning of collaboration.
  • Enables you to develop the capacity for constructive conflict management, a key enabler of collaboration.
  • Demonstrates how to create the motivation to collaborate using shared goals.
  • Reveals the importance of egoless leadership.

To be successful in the modern workplace, individuals need to move away from traditional ways of working and look at how they can utilise cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills to promote high levels of innovation and responsiveness. Having collaborative teams and employees is key to achieving this.

Lane4’s thoughts on collaboration are derived from a combination of the latest published research and practical insights from leaders in a variety of contexts including construction, law, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, the military, and elite sport. By combining knowledge from research and practice, we provide a holistic understanding of the key enablers of collaboration.

Collaborate to Perform will help you to understand:

  • The important distinction between ‘working together’ and collaboration.
  • How conflict can be an effective innovation strategy for collaborative projects.
  • How effective leadership can facilitate collaboration.
  • What egoless leadership is and why it is an essential enabler of collaboration.

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