Engagement and What it Means for Business Leaders



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This white paper on employee engagement delivers:

• A critique of the current measurement of engagement in most organisations’ employee engagement strategies.
• The three ‘essentials’ identified as critical for increasing employee engagement.
• The roles which HR professionals and business leaders have to play in shaping this.


Has employee engagement become a dirty term in your organisation? Don't be surprised if it has: despite several years in the limelight, employee engagement is reportedly at an all-time low. With low engagement comes low levels of performance and employee retention. So what needs to change?

Lane4 hosted a round-table discussion with business leaders, HR and internal communications professionals from several large firms, to discuss employee engagement and the impact it has on organisational performance. A number of key themes emerged relating to problems with measuring engagement and the importance of leadership in creating a high performance environment to facilitate employee engagement amongst others.


The E Word and What it Means for Business Leaders, will help you to:

• Design more effective measurements of employee engagement.
• Understand what leading HR and business leaders are doing about employee engagement.
• Craft an evidence-based employee engagement strategy.
• Raise your team’s engagement levels.
• Leverage the neuroscience behind engagement.

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