Engagement and What it Means for Internal Communicators



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Employee Engagement - has it become a dirty word in your organisation? Don’t be surprised if it has: despite several years in the limelight, employee engagement is reportedly at an all-time low.

So why, despite years of engagement efforts, does it seem that many organisations have got nowhere fast? What’s eating away at engagement and what can internal communications do about it?

Whilst the effect of the gloomy economy can’t be ignored, CIPD reports that employees’ biggest gripe is their inability to feed views upwards, a situation that has steadily worsened across all sectors. Plus, only 19% of public sector staff and 27% in the private sector are happy with the extent to which they are consulted by senior leaders about important decisions . Begging the questions – have we forgotten about the importance of workplace conversations and have they been overshadowed by our focus on engagement surveys?

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