From Theory to Practice: Five Case Studies of Change



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This white paper on organisational change management provides:

• Insight into five organisations’ experiences of significant change.
• Examples of how organisations have dealt with cultural, structural and technological changes.
• Examples of change management during mergers and acquisitions.
• Tips on business change management.


Organisational change is notoriously difficult. Across different types of change, from mergers and acquisitions, to restructuring and culture change, on average only one in three is successful. And what’s more, a poor change management process is is costly. Lane4 investigated the most effective change management by looking at five case studies. These case studies were developed through one-to-one interviews, focus group data and survey data by a number of individuals who have been affected by organisational change. Each case study was analysed to extract the key themes, challenges and examples of good business change management.

The results highlight the criticality of effective change leadership, with leadership alignment and managing resistance emerging as key challenges.
Moreover, business change management required creating a vision that inspires and engages people. The findings also suggested that organisational change was facilitated through understanding and shaping the organisational culture.


Reading From Theory to Practice: Five Case Studies of Change will help you to:

• Understand the role of employee engagement during organisational change.
• Understand ‘best practice’ of change management.
• Shape your change management process to be based on previous successes.
• Build your organisational resilience to change.

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