Investigating the Leadership Pipeline



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This white paper examines core questions around management of the leadership pipeline, answering:

• What leadership competencies drive effective leadership?
• Which leadership skills are more important at different levels?
• What behaviours need to change during leadership transitions?
• How can leadership training help to support transitioning leaders?


Charan, Drotter and Noel’s book, The Leadership Pipeline, captured the imagination of companies around the world, striving to find the panacea for leadership development. This provided a strategy to ensure leaders were equipped and motivated to join, remain with and perform in the organisation throughout their career. The gauntlet was laid down: how can companies best manage leadership transitions?

To investigate the leadership pipeline, we had 204 leaders complete our detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire covered topics such as leadership competencies, how behaviours need to change during leadership transitions and what are the best leadership training techniques. This white paper displays the findings, in turn looking to address some of the common questions raised when looking at leadership transitions. It also considers the implications for organisational talent management strategies.


By reading Investigating the Leadership Pipeline, you will:

• Have a greater understanding of how to shape talent management practices to better manage the leadership pipeline.
• Gain a greater understanding of what makes leadership transitions effective.
• Understand the role of the organisation and talent management strategies in facilitating effective leadership development.

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