Navigating Leadership Transitions



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This white paper on leadership management includes insight into:

• How effective leadership is characterised by a high degree of adaptability.
• The process of identifying with a new role.
• The specific behaviours leaders need to make during leadership transitions.
• How leadership development can be supported by others.


Nearly three-quarters of UK organisations report leadership and management skill deficits, two-thirds claiming that senior managers lack the essential skills for effective leadership. What’s more, 70% of today’s top performers reportedly lack the critical attributes for success in future roles. How can our talent management  practices and leadership training equip the future leaders with the skills needed to transition into a new role successfully?

Drawing from our own research, we have been able to more clearly define the future transitions that leaders need to make throughout their careers. This white paper will discuss how we can make the most out of leadership talent through an improved understanding of how to facilitate leadership transitions and leadership development.


By reading Navigating Leadership Transitions, you will:

• Understand the specific behaviours which need to change during leadership transitions.
• Recognise the identity shifts that have to be made during such periods.
• Appreciate what organisations can do to support leadership talent during transitions.
• Be able to use the latest research in transitions to support your leadership development programmes.

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