Organisational Resilience: How to Change Before You Have to



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All organisations, regardless of size, length of existence or reputation, can find themselves vulnerable to stalls in growth, decreasing share prices or even complete failure. Organisational resilience is key to surviving and thriving through times like this. However, what does an organisation need to be resilient?

To understand this further we worked with Professor David Denyer of Cranfield University, a leading expert in the study of Organisational Resilience. We have partnered with Professor Denyer to understand how his findings in high hazard environments (e.g. Nuclear Power, NHS), where 'failure' can lead to the loss of lives, can be transferred to less hazardous but no less volatile business contexts.

Organisational Resilience: How to Change Before You Have to, can help you to:

  • Assess and develop your organisational resilience.
  • Identify practical ways in which leaders can proactively develop the resilience of their organisation.
  • Understand the role that culture can play in creating resilience to organisational change.

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