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In some form or another, the phrase ‘social learning’ has been around in psychology since at least the 1940’s. But, with advances in technology enabling knowledge to spread at speed though social channels, social learning is climbing its way up the L&D agenda.

That said, our research has indicated that many L&D professionals are still struggling to integrate social learning into their strategies effectively so it takes hold and drives performance.

In this white paper, we explore the gear shift needed in L&D to keep up with knowledge and learning in an internet-age. Specifically, we outline how L&D is no longer just about getting individuals ‘up-to-speed’, upskilled and able to learn fast, but artfully unbottling the ideas, knowledge and experience of entire communities, enabling the whole organisation to grow and learn in real-time.

This white paper on social learning covers:

  •          Why social learning matters now
  •          What social learning is, and what it isn’t
  •          3 concepts which will help to set up your organisation for effective social learning 

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