Talent Strategy: Your bridge across the leadership gap



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This white paper on talent strategy outlines:

  • Why it’s critical to have a strong talent strategy

  • The barriers many organisations face to getting it right

  • 5 critical metrics to help measure your talent strategy’s success


When we talk about ‘talent’, there is one critical question: talent for what? Just as someone may excel at certain skills but struggle in others, what constitutes ‘talent’ depends on your context, and each organisation has to define it for themselves. But however you define it, the evidence is clear: understanding what great looks like when it comes to talent, and who your talent is, pays dividends. 

This white paper looks at why it’s critical to have a strong talent strategy, explores the barriers to success and provides top tips for organisational leaders when creating a robust talent strategy.


Talent Strategy – the bridge across the leadership gap white paper will:

  • Give you clear direction on what you need to consider when creating or re-shaping your talent strategy

  • Make you re-consider how you define talent

  • Identify the key metrics you need to measure your talent strategy against

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