Talent Tactics: How Can You Plug the Talent Gap?



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This white paper on talent management strategy includes:

• A description of the new talent environment and its implications for practice.
• The five new talent tactics for attracting, retaining and getting the most out of top leadership talent.
• Insights into the future of talent management.


There is often a gap between the desires and expectations of today’s talent and what employers currently offer. The result is low levels of employee engagement and organisations which struggle to retain much of the leadership talent in their pipelines. We need to identify new ways to reward and motivate talent.

In the search for more effective talent management, Lane4 hosted a roundtable discussion for business leaders, talent managers and HR professionals from seven large firms and two British sporting institutions. Discussions explored current talent management challenges, best practice in talent management services and the future of talent management. Analysis of these discussions revealed a new talent environment and five new talent tactics for succeeding in it.


Talent Tactics: How Can You Plug the Talent Gap? will help you to:

• Shape an effective talent strategy underpinned by research.
• Understand the current talent landscape and the five tactics for thriving within it.
• Get the most out of your talent, with tips on how to engage, retain and motivate your talent.

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