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Alice Lewthwaite

Operations Director

Find out a bit more about Alice

Where has your passion for performance come from?

From my very first holiday jobs in factories around Swindon I have always looked at processes and the way things are being done and wanted to find ways to do them more efficiently to deliver better results. Even with Technology people are an integral part of all processes so I became fascinated as to how you motivate them to change to do new things or drive better performance and I have been very lucky to explore this across a very wide variety of projects and industries.

What do you think gives managers and their teams the winning edge?

Having a very clear goal, being flexible and adaptable in pursuit of its delivery, being curious and able to learn quickly, give feedback and creating an atmosphere of positivity and possibility.


  • Previous experience in a variety of consulting roles both external and internal, including most recently Top Right Group
  • Interests lie in delivering improved performance through learning and development encouraging behaviour change
  • Her practice is informed by dialogue, storytelling and use of mobilisation communication techniques
  • MBA, London Business School
  • Coaching accreditation, Lane4 and Middlesex