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Annmarie Zehntner

Senior Consultant

Find out a bit more about Annmarie

Where has your passion for performance come from?

I've always been a really driven person since I was little - my parents always worked hard to get what they had, so I think I had good role models, even then. I have always liked to push myself, try different things, challenge myself - I feel I have so much more to do, and hate being bored!

What gives organisations the winning edge?

For me it's all about the relationship. Having the ability to really connect with people, take an interest in who they are, believe in what they are capable of, and constantly be talking to each other about what is going well, and also not so well. My best managers have always been those who pushed me, believed in me, and then let me get on with it, but were there if I had a wobble!


  • Over 20 years experience working as part of in-house training teams
  • Held various in-house HR and Learning and Development roles, up to senior level, leading teams in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors
  • Worked for organisations such as Arcadia Group, Dixons Group, Watford FC and Topgolf
  • Level A and B qualified in Occupational Testing
  • Associate of CIPD
  • Insights Discovery facilitator

In a very short time, Annmarie was able to engage emotionally with all my colleagues in our Lane4 meetings, and became a starting pistol for change within my business. She showed genuine belief in me as a coach, just at the right time in my career.

Andrew Woodward, Retail Store Manager Home Retail Group PLC