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Ben Morrison

Solutions Design Lead

Find out a bit more about Ben

Where has your passion for performance come from?

I’ve been obsessed with sport - and any kind of competition - my whole life. I was always fascinated by the impact the mind has on performance and why some people make the most of their potential while others don’t. The more I have learnt about psychology, the more interested I have become in turning theory into practical insights, performance and impact.

What gives organisations the winning edge?

Organisations are facing new and bigger challenges than ever if they are to thrive in a world that is changing so fast. Being adaptable, learning quickly and collaborating are becoming increasingly important for performance in the future of work. The challenges facing organisations are bigger than any one person can solve, so employees who care deeply about the organisation and are motivated to identify threats and opportunities as they arise are what gives the winning edge.


  • Joined Lane4 in Jan 2014 as a Product Development Consultant. Spent 18 months in the role, creating new Lane4 content and a clear product offer
  • Seconded into The FA in January 2016 to help develop a high-performance culture across the England national teams
  • Training towards becoming a Chartered Psychologist (Qualification in Sport & Exercise Psychology)
  • MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology, Sheffield Hallam
  • Areas of expertise include Collaboration, Innovation, Personal Resilience, Learning Mindset and Leadership Transitions.