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Charlotte Derbyshire

Junior Diagnostics Consultant

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Where has your passion for performance come from?

My passion for performance began in elite tennis. One of my biggest learnings from tennis came from my coach who reinforced that, "It's easy to win when you're feeling great, but it’s rare to wake up feeling 100% every day. If you want to be the best, you need to be able to find a way to win even on your bad days.” I use this mantra to push myself every day regardless of how I feel.

What gives organisations the winning edge?

The performance environment. If you put the best sprinter in the world on the starting line for a marathon, it is unlikely that they will succeed. If you put the same sprinter in an environment which best increases their chance of success (e.g. starting line for 100m sprint), it is likely that they will thrive. I believe the conditions of an environment create high performance, and the performance environment is just as important as the people performing in it.


  • Joined Lane4 in December 2017 as an Operations Assistant

  • BA Psychology - University of Denver (DU)

  • Played tennis on full scholarship for DU. Won 3 conference championships, made 3 NCAA appearances and achieved a team ranking of #30 in the country.

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology - Loughborough University

  • Worked as a performance coach for Loughborough's Tennis Team

  • Current part-time tennis coach at Bisham Abbey