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Daniel Wallis

Senior Consultant

Find out a bit more about Daniel

Where has your passion for performance come from?

My passion for performance has come from a lifelong fascination of what makes a great team. My military background allowed me to coach and develop hundreds of Air Force Teams (from pilots to admin staff) in a range of challenging and intimidating environments. My love for sport has added another dynamic to how teams approach achieving success, I am always intrigued by the detailed processes and individual behaviours that drive and create successful teams.

What do you think gives organisations the winning edge?

Winning organisations have leaders who are aligned to a shared goal, deeply understand its purpose and how they will achieve it. They understand that transitioning through change is difficult for people and appreciate the need for two-way communication during the ambiguity. Finally, winning organisations have resilient people. They operate in a safe environment, where they can make mistakes and learn from them.


  • Royal Air Force Human Performance Coach (Sergeant) 2006-2016
  • During my Air Force career I initially trained as a Physical Training Instructor before specialising as a Human Performance Adventure Coach
  • BA (Hons) Leadership and Education Degree UCLAN
  • Elite Hockey Player for Cannock HC and Sportsman