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Jessica Bell


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Where has your passion for communications come from?

So much of who I have become is rooted in experiences shared or lessons learnt through simple conversation. It’s evident that words can open, shape and influence. Having studied Psychology I have seen and experienced this firsthand. I love to write and have a real appreciation for a beautiful phrase or timely expression. I also love when an honest, authentic conversation can bring important topics to light, inspire and evoke transformation.

How can employee communication drive real engagement?

I really believe that honest, meaningful conversation not only stands out as rare, but also wins over the loyalty and respect of its recipients. When you speak to the heart of an issue, you will engage the hearts of those who are listening. This is integral to building trust, and once that’s won, your employees will naturally transition from being disengaged to committed.


  • Joined Comment8 in 2015 as a Communications Executive  
  • Experience in brand development and management, communications and championing the customer
  • Passionate about enjoying the journey alongside people
  • BSSc (Hons) Marketing & Psychology, University of KZN, South Africa
  • Previously Assistant Brand Manager at The Unlimited, 2010-2012
  • South Africa Ladies U19 Softball Team,,2003
  • UKZN Ladies 1st Rowing Crew, 2004-2007

We were very lucky to have Jessica as part of our Lane4 partner team. Much of what makes a programme successful is in the fine details, the logistics of managing multiple contributors and the creative insights provided by those involved. Jessica is a master in all of these areas. Her ability to take in the big picture whilst paying close attention to the small intricacies that can make or break a virtual programme was critical to our development of a cohesive output.

Tia Finn, Project Manager Pearson