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Keith McGrane

Account Manager

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Where has your passion for performance come from?

My passion for performance comes from seeing some of the amazing things that can be achieved through a simple shift in mind-set coupled with deliberate and ongoing practice.

What gives organisations the winning edge?

I believe that culture plays a huge part in determining the success and focus of an organisation. The values that an organisation holds at the heart of what they do and leaders role model and communicate these values through the organisation can influence behaviour at an organisational level. It provides a lens through which people engage with the organisation’s vision and take their performance to the next level.


  • Joined Lane4 in 2013 as a Product Development Consultant
  • Since moved to the role of Account Executive
  • BSc Psychology, University College Dublin
  • MSc Organisational Psychology, City University London
  • Level A and Level B qualification in psychometric assessment
  • Work in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover overseeing our work in the Product Creation & Delivery and Engineering functions