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Loraine Sawyer


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Where has your passion for performance come from?

It started early in my career as a Sales Manager where I was responsible for staff development. In an environment of high competition, I devised exercises to keep teams friendly whilst motivating them to exceed targets. Interestingly, the big sales didn’t motivate people most, it was the smaller more difficult sales that got them excited. When specific and clear goals are set, there’s commitment from leaders, willingness to listen and a small amount of competition, great things can be achieved.

What gives organisations the winning edge?

A genuine drive to learn, leaders who role model and having a great capacity to listen. Combining these characteristics into the product they produce for clients is a recipe for success!


  • Highly experienced learning and development professional
  • Chartered CIPD qualified
  • Level A & B Psychometrics qualifications
  • Post Graduate in Management & Finance