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Naomi Rothwell

L&D Manager

Find out a bit more about Naomi

Where has your passion for performance come from?

I was always fascinated with why people avoid asking simple but challenging questions, especially when that is often the most rewarding and productive exercise. I discovered more about myself as a person and colleague when my beliefs and opinions were challenged by others and how these simple questions can help us to improve our performance.

What gives organisations the winning edge?

I think the teams that grow and improve the most year on year are those with a culture of actively seeking out mistakes. Companies that embrace mistakes as positive learning opportunities and stop their colleagues fearing reprisal will always evolve and innovate faster than their competition. Such high performing teams also need to work hard to ensure each individual feels motivated with purpose and don’t forget the needs of the individuals among their collective goals.


  • Joined Lane4 as an Account Executive in 2017
  • Five-year account management career in the International Development sector for both private and not-for-profit organisations
  • Project managed and designed training courses for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • BA in Politics from the University of Nottingham
  • MSc in Security Studies from University College London (UCL)
  • Currently undertaking a CIPD Diploma in Learning and Development