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Nicola Warren

Principal Consultant

Find out a bit more about Nicola

Where has your passion for communication come from?

My love of people, good conversation and relationships. Since becoming a parent, I’m reminded of the basics of communication – put simply, it’s an enabler. Good communication can have a positive impact, drive discussion and encourage debate. I started my career in media relations before specialising in IC and it began my fascination on the construct of good communication; knowing your audience, clear messaging and the right delivery channels – the who, what, where and when.

How can employee communication drive real engagement?

Employee communication is the enabler I spoke about. It enables good conversations to happen throughout the business at all levels of an organisation. Communication should be authentic, continued and with purpose. These things, in my view help drive real engagement. Successful organisations can thrive if the people within them are engaged & working towards the same vision and strategy.


  • Worked within multiple international brands with over 14 years of communications experience
  • Previously Senior EMEA PR Manager at Yahoo working across all areas of communications before specialising in Internal Communications
  • Experience in developing pan-EMEA communications strategy, senior stakeholder management, change communications, multi-market event management and production  
  • Experience of working with senior leaders in terms of communications strategy, media training and message creation
  • Knowledge of the tech, media, retail and travel markets