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Steve Shale

Senior Consultant

Find out a bit more about Steve

Where has your passion for performance come from?

I believe passionately in the development of people and helping them to recognise and begin to fulfil their potential. Seeing someone build in confidence and self-belief is fantastic and rewarding. I have been fortunate to work in a wide range of organisations with different cultures, challenges and approaches to people and their development. Knowing that you can make a difference to peoples’ working lives with the right mind-set and approach is what gets me excited.

What do you think gives organisations the winning edge?

Where leaders create a winning environment and feedback is seen as the lifeblood of the organisation. When leaders manage the tension between what is required right now and providing a compelling vision for the future. There exists a “golden thread” that links what everyone does every day and inspires them to give of their best.


  • Over 25 years’ experience in HR and Organisational Development, with a combination of HR, commercial and consultancy roles
  • 20 years’ experience of Leadership Development for a variety of clients
  • Design of Assessment Centres and Competency Frameworks for clients across a range of sectors
  • Member of the BPS, Level A & B trained
  • Advance Certificate of Executive Coaching
  • CIPD qualified
  • Level 1 cricket coach

Steve has worked with the Development and Assessment Team for Volkswagen Group, bringing a wealth of knowledge to what he does. Steve has been the lead on a number of projects and recently worked with our network on a one to one basis.

Louise Cooke, Development and Assessment Manager Volkswagen Group Learning Services