Organisational Change

We work with organisations to sustain performance, engagement and resilience through times of change.

Our Programmes

Experts in the people-side of change

Our advisory services and tailored solutions help organisations to adopt a responsive and strategic approach to change.

We know that performance, wellbeing and engagement often dip when the people-side of change is undervalued. Being on the front foot by putting the right frameworks, skills and culture in place will provide 'certain uncertainty', helping people to be more engaged, productive and resilient through change.

Key detail

Advisory services

Our specialist consultants work with you to define and implement a people strategy. In particular, we:

  • Utilise our Trans4mation Playbook, a methodology that allows organisations to embrace the uncertainty of change and become responsive to unpredictability.
  • Use a diagnostic-led approach to define, implement and continually refine a people strategy for change.
  • Align our advisory services with your transformation plan.
  • Analyse the unique context that your change is occurring in, to help you to anticipate and adapt to key challenges.



We combine our robust solutions to provide an approach that is bespoke to the organisational context of your change programme, including:

  • Diagnostics to understand the context for change and shape our approach.
  • Creating a compelling story and change communications to engage hearts and minds.
  • Shaping and adapting the people strategy and process during change.
  • Assessment and development solutions to define, assess and develop the dynamic capabilities needed by leaders and employees to navigate change.
  • Measuring impact and engagement throughout the change.
Our approach to organisational change
  • Each and every change demands a nuanced approach. We work with organisations to design bespoke programmes based on your specific organisational objectives and context.
  • Change management of the future requires leaders who can thrive on ambiguity. We help to develop this dynamic capability in leaders, change teams, and HR functions.
  • Even the most well-honed plans for change can be derailed at any point. Therefore, we take an adaptive and responsive approach to change to balance long-term strategy with ad hoc problem solving and improvisation.
  • We don’t underestimate the importance of engaging employees, drawing on internal communications campaigns and development sessions to achieve this.
Why choose Lane4?

1. After over 20 years of facilitating organisational change, we have a strong track record of achieving measurable impact in many contexts.

2. Our approach is underpinned by the latest research in neuropsychology, organisational culture and behavioural science.

3. We provide a blended approach, drawing on our expertise in learning and development, talent management and assessment, and internal communications and engagement.

4. Our Trans4mation Playbook offers a responsive methodology that helps organisations to embrace the uncertainty of change, remaining agile to shifting demands.

5. Thanks to our heritage in elite performance, we understand how to create and sustain high performance environments.

6. We develop solutions tailored to your context and needs because we know that no two change programmes are alike.