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Coaching is considered by many practitioners as the most effective tool in the learning and development kit bag. Recent research demonstrated that coaching has positive effects on a range of outcomes, such as leadership skills, motivation, well-being and individual performance. Coaching is commonly used to: enhance performance, support learning, help individuals through change, and help to create a more empowered, coaching culture.

Our Approach to Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is more than just a cosy conversation. Coaching is a mindset, not merely an activity. This mindset is underpinned by a belief in potential that is essential for driving performance and impacting business results.

We maintain unconditional positive regard for our client, which means that the coach is at all times supportive and non-judgemental of the coachee, their views, lifestyle and aspirations.

Key Detail

Our coaching offering is split into 3 key areas:

• Coaching Skills - with the opportunity to complete the Middlesex, and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) recognised programmes
• 1:1 Coaching
• Creating a Coaching Environment

1) Coaching Skills
Core coaching skills workshop
Our core skills module is designed for inexperienced coaches and focuses on developing the core skills needed for great coaching. For example, how to: build rapport, give feedback, ask challenging questions and set goals using a variety of frameworks and approaches. The delivery takes place via face-to-face, action learning groups and online learning.

Advanced coaching skills workshop
Our advanced skills module looks in more depth at the skills developed in the core programme. It also gives coaches the opportunity to experience a range of coaching scenarios that allow them to put their skills into practice and identify their strengths and areas for development. The course is offered as part of a blended learning approach as we recognise that it can be problematic taking large chunks of time out of the working day.

Coaching masterclasses
Designed for experienced coaches, these masterclasses cover a range of topics that focus on developing specific coaching techniques. For example, this could be ACT coaching, storytelling in coaching or using diagnostics when coaching. These can be delivered virtually or via face-to-face and bite-size coaching skills sessions. These masterclasses provide a valuable addition to a coaches tool kit and contribute to their continuous professional development.

Coaching supervision
With this option, a coach can improve the quality of their practice through the help of a supervisor. Supervision from one of our expert consultants helps to maintain perspective during daily coaching activities and not get lost in, for example, personal judgements, organisational politics or the views of others.

2) 1:1 Coaching
Our experienced coaches come from a variety of backgrounds including elite sport and military, psychology and business. They have extensive experience in delivering 1:1 coaching sessions and are used to getting the best out of others. They work on a 1:1 basis across all levels of an organisation, from individual contributors to middle management to CEO's. Delivered either face-to-face, over the phone or via skype, our coaches work around busy schedules to ensure the coachee gets the most out of the sessions.

3) Creating a Coaching Culture
Developing skills in individuals is important, but if an organisation wants to ensure coaching is practised at all levels in an organisation then they need to create a coaching culture. We work with organisations to ensure the skills that their individuals have developed are passed on to others, and coaching is encouraged at all levels in an organisation. Ideally this would sit alongside coaching skills workshops so that people in the organisation are equipped with the skills they need to coach effectively.

Why choose Lane4?


1. Our programmes are externally recognised by Middlesex University and EMCC.


2. Due to our talent measurement and assessment, leadership and team development, as well as our internal communications (Comment8) capabilities we offer a rounded coaching solution.

3. Our modules can be delivered in a flexible and blended way to suit your needs, so the content is accessible to those who may work virtually or have problems getting to a training venue.

4. Our courses are designed where possible to be delivered in bite-size chunks, making the content easily digestible and taking minimal time out of the working day.

5. Our techniques have been carefully refined over the past 20 years, and are constantly updated to be aligned to the most up to date research in performance and business psychology.

6. Our team of accredited coaches and psychologists focus on the individual’s experience, which means that individuals can realise their potential at a pace which drives organisational impact.

7. We provide delegates, management and executives with practical strategies that can be implemented immediately, with behaviour change maintained over the longer-term.