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At the heart of our framework is the importance of a creative culture that fosters and encourages innovation. Leaders create an environment where people are given the freedom to ask questions, make mistakes, think differently and see ideas through to fruition. Based on research, our innovation framework outlines the two sides of innovation: exploration of ideas and execution of those ideas.

Our approach to innovation
  • Our approach helps individuals, teams and leaders to enhance innovation within your organisation, and to shift culture towards one that creates rather than crushes innovation.
  • We recognise that leaders must also manage the tension between innovation and the core business. By creating a clear distinction, the core business is protected from the inevitable uncertainty that innovation creates.

  • We help you to identify the barriers to innovation and implement change, for example: with your innovation strategy; the changing of employees’ or leaders’ mindsets towards innovation; and the creation of an innovative culture.

Why choose Lane4?

1. Designed to deliver a measurable return on your investment, we use a wide range of innovative ‘hands on’ activities, experiences, and simulations that capture the imagination and are grounded in psychological insights.


 2. We change mindsets about how to drive innovation in your organisation. It isn’t just about good ideas but also about seeing them through to implementation.

3. The framework has been developed using research as well as our expertise in human performance - we know what shifts behaviour.


High Performance Environment Scan

The High Performance Environment Scan (HPE Scan) is an organisational wide survey tool that measures the key factors you need in place for sustained individual, team and organisational performance (including productivity and profitability). Through our analysis, we have shown scores on the HPE Scan to predict business unit performance, as measured by Key Performance Indicators.

Key detail
  • The scan answers the following questions: What’s your organisational climate like? How effective are your leaders? How engaged are your people? What is helping or hindering performance?
  • The scan can also be shortened into a ‘pulse’ version to assess particular areas of focus.
  • Once the data has been analysed, we typically run an interactive feedback session to help you make sense of your results and agree ways to build on the strengths and address other key areas.


Our approach to high performance evaluation
  • The scan takes a holistic look at your organisation and highlights areas of strength and areas for attention, allowing you to make intelligent decisions on where to allocate your focus and resources.
  • In order to maximise the benefits, the scan should become a regular management activity. By repeating the scan you are able to identify how effective organisational activities and approaches have been at improving the work environment and business performance.


Why choose Lane4?

1. Many surveys focus on measuring employee engagement at work. The HPE Scan provides a ‘bigger picture’, by measuring the factors that relate to performance and how they interact.

2. Lane4 have been running the HPE Scan for businesses for many years and we’re supported by rigorous award-winning research.

3. The output is a comprehensive report that can be broken down by location, business unit, or by demographic such as time in role, grade or gender.

4. The HPE Scan is flexible to your business. We can change wording and add in items to meet your requirements.


Employee Engagement

Because engagement is something that the employee has to offer, it cannot be demanded by the employer nor form part of the rights or duties of an employment contract. The volitional nature of engagement highlights the need for the employee to be motivated to engage, or equally, disengage from their work and employment. We work with leaders to assess their engagement levels and then create a focus on the 4 key enablers: visible empowering leadership, engaging leaders, employee voice and organisational integrity.

Key detail

Our research-based framework identifies these 4 enablers of engagement, and we will help you embed them in your organisation:

  • Visible, empowering leadership provides a strong strategic narrative about the organisation, including where it’s come from and where it’s going
  • Engaging leaders and managers who:
    1. Focus their people and give them scope
    2. Treat their people as individuals
    3. Coach and stretch their people
  • An employee voice throughout the organisation reinforces and challenges views; between functions & externally to ensure employees are seen as central to the solution
  • Organisational integrity, to make sure the values on the wall are reflected in day to day behaviours. There is no “say-do” gap


Our approach to employee engagement strategy
  • Our approach recognises that employees need to be engaged at both a rational and emotional level. We recognise that it’s as important to understand why and what needs to be done, as well as creating an emotional connection with the outcome.
  • We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool in driving engagement. Through co-creating stories, it brings leaders and employees together, and closes the “say/do” gap.
  • Our framework is based on the leadership you have, the stuff that gets in the way and the environment that you create.


Why choose Lane4?

1. Our engagement work is underpinned by our HPE scan, which includes a rigorous assessment of engagement, to enable you to make informed decisions about where to allocate resource and effort.

2. We have experts in engagement and communication who have worked with many large and small scale programmes to develop engagement over the past 20 years.

3. Our framework is based on external and internal scientific research, which has been refined over the years.

4. Our programmes are tailored to your organisational needs across the four enablers.