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About Comment8?

You can’t perform at your best unless you can communicate effectively with everyone around you. Where Lane4 leads in performance, Comment8 leads in communication.

We know nothing replaces a proper conversation. Our philosophy is that what you need to communicate, and to whom, should drive how you communicate. It’s not enough to have the right channels in place. You need people who can communicate compellingly too. Tools can’t replace talking. They simply help. You need both or true engagement will never happen. 
At Comment8, we help change happen through compelling communication. Whether we’re advising on, planning for or creating an effective communication campaign, our goal is simple. We want to help people to understand and care about what’s being communicated so that they do something about it. 

Our approach



Whether it’s helping people to understand an organisation’s vision, why a change is happening or the latest strategy, we can support you to establish what will work in your context and for your colleagues.


Caring about the message - Internal Communications

We can help you to unpick what makes people tick and the best way to create emotional engagement with them so that they really care about their part.



In partnership with the wider Lane4 team, we can equip your leaders, managers and colleagues with the skills, knowledge and communication tools to make a difference.

What we deliver


Whether it’s translating a business strategy into meaningful employee communication or devising a change communication strategy, we have the experience, methodologies and tools to make a difference.


How do you know that communication flowing in your business is having the intended impact? We can measure its effect, establish its strengths and gaps to make sure your communication (messages, channels and people) can perform.

Skill development

We develop better communicators through our tailored training programmes. Our approach combines specialist communications experience, tried and tested frameworks and, most importantly, a big focus on practical application. Our modules include leadership communication, presentation skills, storytelling, influencing, writing for impact and communications planning.


This is where we get creative! Our fresh and memorable campaigns put people at the heart of communication, side-stepping the rhetoric and making the message stick. Everything designed by our creative production team is full of love and care.

What our clients think

"It’s rare to have a vendor partner who truly understands the reality of close collaboration and allows for the process to bloom as it will, remaining flexible to even the wildest ideas and suggestions. Comment8 is that rare partner.

Whilst managing a team of designers, developers, film crews and logistics coordinators, Comment8 kept the creative process running full steam against an almost impossible timescale. What could have been a brutally demanding exercise was instead a highly invigorating journey that delivered on time, on budget and beyond our wildest expectations. If I'd built a wish list to define what makes the ideal creative partner to build a world class product, I'd simply describe Comment8."

Tia Finn, Pearson

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