Leadership Development

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Our Programmes

Leadership Development

We develop the skills and behaviours that leaders require to effectively deliver results, drive change and create meaning. We help leaders to develop the vision and communication skills needed to create environments of high support and deliver results.

Key detail

We utilise our leadership training expertise to work with your organisation in a number of ways, including:

  • Development and assessment centres as part of our talent management programme to identify future leaders
  • Graduate programmes to nurture future leaders
  • Training to develop leaders as they transition into new roles
  • Executive and board level development (individual or group basis)
  • Creative inspirational leadership strategy
  • Improvement of leadership communication skills


Our leadership framework identifies a number of development areas:

  • Self-development (their identity, self-reflection, their behaviours, their impact on others)
  • Creating meaning through shared identity, authentic leadership and vision
  • Capability to deliver results through others
  • Ability to drive change through situational analysis


Our approach to leadership training

We encourage leaders to work with their identity and create meaning for teams to drive change and deliver results that lead to sustainable business improvement. Through the use of diagnostic tools to build self-awareness, intensive coaching and experiential learning methods, we combine the right balance of challenge and support to have a truly transformational impact on the leaders we work with.

Why choose Lane4?

1. Over the last 20 years we have worked with thousands of leaders to help them become their “Personal Best”.

2. Our approach is underpinned by rigorous research and is rooted in a performance mindset and an underlying belief in individuals’ potential to develop and perform.

3. Our leadership development programmes are flexible and can be used as stand-alone courses or as part of a broader learning journey.

4. Our programmes use diagnostic tools to objectively identify development gaps, opportunities and measure progress.

5. Our immersive programmes are comprehensive, enhancing the person’s learning experience via virtual classrooms, webex, video, face to face learning, one to one coaching, simulations or gamification (i.e. use of games to better transfer learning).