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Developing Leaders Of The Future

An environment where success is inevitable and talent can thrive

High performance in teams and organisations is impossible without leaders who can create an environment where success is inevitable and talent can thrive. We’re here to develop high performing leaders equipped to lead their teams and businesses in a volatile and uncertain world.

After more than twenty years of working with senior leaders and their teams across multiple geographies and sectors, we have an impressive history of helping organisations to solve their biggest people challenges. Our expert consultants draw on Lane4’s latest thinking in neuroscience and performance psychology to help leaders navigate the challenges they face at each organisational level.

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From executive team facilitation through to coaching and leadership development programmes, our experts specialise in getting under the surface of your organisation to determine what’s really driving performance. Our bespoke programmes are then designed specifically for your organisational context, mapped to your competencies and designed to help you achieve your organisation’s strategy and goals. We also boast a unique suite of diagnostic tools which provide insight into the behaviours that drive high performance in individuals, teams and organisations. They include High Performing Leaders, High Performing Teams and High Performance Environment tools.

Why choose Lane4?
  • Quality of faculty: Experts in the fields of performance, psychology and business application, our consultants have been designing award-winning leadership, team and talent programmes for more than two decades. Their humanistic and experiential approach, alongside the quality of their facilitation skills sets them apart from the rest.
  • Global capability: With more than 200 global associates, led through regional hubs, we can provide a consistent experience for our clients across multiple geographies.
  • Award-winning:  Our work wins us awards for its quality and impact. We’re exceptionally proud of the partnerships we have built with our clients that mean we can make a difference to people’s working lives.
  • Thought leadership: With our dedicated research team and learning mindset, we’re able to stay at the cutting-edge of thinking and, importantly, integrate that quickly into our client experiences.
  • High performance diagnostics:  Tools that provide valuable insight into performance environments and the skills and behaviours that enable sustained high performance.
  • Modern learning environment: Making sure the modern learner has a transformational experience is at the heart of our approach. Our unique Per4mance Learning Journey methodology underpins our programmes ensuring that creativity and impact blend seamlessly.
  • Data and evidence: We are obsessed with outcomes and appreciate an investment of this size needs to demonstrate meaningful ROI. 

Leadership Development

We develop the skills and behaviours that leaders require to effectively deliver results, drive change and create meaning. We help leaders to develop the vision and communication skills needed to create environments of high support and deliver results.

Team Development

Our High Performing Team Development Programmes and diagnostic give your teams a competitive edge, by focusing on the key elements of teamwork that truly differentiate best achieving groups from the ordinary. Our development, training and coaching focuses on elements such as team leadership, team emotion, team process & team mind. Teams who have completed the programme will have improved communication skills, alongside improved ways of working and collaborating. They’ll be able to overcome obstacles and barriers, and have newly established ways of working at a higher level of performance.