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Adaptability Training

The world is moving faster than ever before and your leaders and employees need to build ways to be adaptable if your organisation is to succeed over the next decade.

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Why adaptability is a crucial skill for your people

As we enter a new decade the pace of change is accelerating, the demands on leaders and employees are intensifying and soon the tried-and-tested skillsets they rely on will become defunct.

Our research team found this change is driven by what are termed megatrends – the underlying forces shaping the world. Taking the megatrends as a starting point, we surveyed C-suite leaders and found that adaptability was one of the top 5 soft skills they felt they needed to succeed in the future as well as it being named as the most desirable soft skill of 2019 by recruitment experts Michael Page.

In a world that is going to continue to give rise to new and novel situations for leaders and employees to navigate, the need to be adaptable, to learn (and unlearn), is critical to keeping your organisation ahead.

Introducing Adapt4

Available through on-demand digital tools or as part of a blended learning programme, Adapt4 is an adaptability training programme designed to create an engaging learning experience and is underpinned by our evidence-based understanding of how people learn, behave and improve their performance.

Our Adapt4 diagnostic can quickly pinpoint the adaptability needs of your people and based on their strength and development areas, provides tailored adaptability to enhance their development.

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How Adapt4 is delivered for your people

Our Adapt4 tool can supplement an existing leadership development programme or be delivered virtually to equip your leaders and employees for the shifting challenges of the next decade. We can also develop in-house practitioners to run our Adapt4 diagnostic and deliver the relevant learning tools, all from within your organisation.

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How Adapt4 is delivered within your organisation

Phase 1: Discover and diagnose

The first step is for the learner to go through the adaptability and capability assessments. The instant in-depth narrative report allows the learner to see their strengths and weaknesses, gain feedback and allows them to access the learning they need. The learner can then go and practice and learn at their own pace, in whatever environment they feel most comfortable.

Phase 2: Learning for your people

The learner will engage with 6-8 minute interactive modules based on their strengths and development areas. These modules include storytelling, quizzes and practical takeaways that make the learning stick and can be used in everyday workplace scenarios. Learners can strengthen their adaptability by going through an Adapt4 learning programme.

Phase 3: Aggregate evaluation

The tool captures demographic data in line with GDPR that allows us to create an aggregate report that your organisation can use to track the progress of your learners and to understand the adaptability and capability profile of teams, functions and the organisation as whole. Specifically, what they are good at and where they need more support.


Adaptability – the key skill your people need for the next decade

As we enter a new decade the pace of change is accelerating, the demands on leaders and employees are intensifying and soon the tried-and-tested behaviours we rely on will become defunct. So how can you stay competitive? It’s critical that your organisation develop an agile workforce to thrive in this changing work environment.

Join Chris Hempsall and Thomas Hacker to hear about the most important skill your people will need to develop for the next decade – adaptability.

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The Adapt4 Suite

Adapt4 Performance Tool

Adapt4 Performance is an online tool aimed at individual contributors and team leaders to enhance adaptability and capability. A diagnostic with immediate feedback and personalised, bite-sized digital learning modules allow for delivery and feedback on the go, wherever and whenever, to make learning easier for your people.

Adapt4 Leadership Tool

Adapt4 Leadership provides added feedback options suitable for all leadership positions, especially leaders of leaders. The adaptability tool can be linked to previous, current or future learning programmes and pinpoints specific areas for development, making this a suitable option if you’re looking to develop your leader’s potential for the long-term.

Adapt4 Leadership 360 Tool

At Leadership 360 level, Adapt4 is designed for team leaders and above, especially strategic leaders. A 360 survey of learner’s adaptability and capability gives way to a detailed online report as well as digital and face to face feedback options. Challenging leaders’ self-awareness and growth mindsets, this tool will prepare your employees for the future of work, and their future learning.

Adapt4 Training

Learning programmes delivered either as a blended journey with workshops and other learning resources or through virtual delivery. Our adaptability training can be delivered stand alone or as part of a wider leadership or learning programme

How Adapt4 benefits your organisation:

  • Helps build an adaptable workforce to accelerate performance in a changing working environment
  • Engages your people with a learning to support a learning culture
  • Provides a data driven learning needs analysis
  • Enables targeted development investment
  • Encourages a self-directed learning organisation
  • Provides regular insight through in depth aggregate reports

How Adapt4 benefits your people:

  • Pinpoints personal development needs
  • Develops a mindset for learning and adapting
  • Sets people up to engage with and get the most out of a learning programme
  • Equips your people to own their personal and career development
  • Builds confidence in their ability to perform and thrive in changing environments

Digital Delivery Options

When faced with constraints, face-to-face learning isn’t always the best option. Our digital offering keeps your people connected and aware, allowing them to implement behaviour change whenever, wherever. Our range of digital delivery options can be added to an existing programme or combined to form fully virtual learning days.

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