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Lane4’s Boost programme is designed to change the culture, improve the customer experience and enhance the performance of multi-location businesses.

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Introducing Boost

Boost is an intensive culture shift programme that is designed to engage and empower your front line to improve your customer’s experience and, ultimately, your business’ bottom line performance.

The programme uses a cascade approach to involve every member of your organisation, from the first person your customers meet on the front desk of your club, store or venue, to area managers at a district, county or national levels. 

Designed from the ground up in partnership with a country-wide, multi-site organisation, Boost is proven to transform employee engagement and improve your customer’s experience to the benefit of your bottom line performance. 

A scalable, cost-effective solution for multi-site businesses

Once introduced, your business can keep using the skills and tools that Lane4 provides your managers across their direct and non-direct line reports. This enables every area of your business to keep benefiting from Boost for years to come, without associated time and financial commitments.

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Dedicated support throughout the programme

Disciplined and full-time programme management defines and controls the focus of activity throughout the programme. This high level of support ensures momentum and consistency is maintained at every stage.

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How Boost works in your organisation

Phase 1: Discover and diagnose

The first step is to assess and find the real issues affecting significant performance improvement. We build a clear view of the culture of your organisation using our proprietary tools, including organisation-wide diagnostics, focus groups and interviews. We use this insight to create a bespoke improvement plan for the executive and leadership team.

Phase 2: Build the scorecard

By agreeing the metrics that matter to customer satisfaction and business improvement, effective goal setting at every stage of the programme will enable and drive performance. It identifies, focuses and connects the business to performance metrics.

Phase 3: Create the story

A compelling story with a personal reason for why change is required introduces Boost to the business, setting the platform for change. This builds momentum and focus, and switches this from an initiative to the way we do business.

Phase 4: Leadership engagement and change

Engaging with leaders and facilitating sessions with the senior team prepare them for the personal change in focus and approach. It gives clarity to the challenge and their role in making it a success. This ensures faster, more consistent change.

Phase 5: Coach, train and build capability

Our ‘Train the trainer’ approach leaves colleagues with the necessary mentoring and coaching skills required to develop their teams. This builds, develops and strengthens the internal capabilities of your people, in a sustainable way.

Phase 6: Boost in a Box

A tailored set of Lane4 tools for your fully trained teams to use to support and empower decision-making and action-taking. The ‘Boost Box’ improves your company’s performance by increasing individual’s understanding and ownership of problem-solving, encouraging cross-functional working and innovation at unit level.

Phase 7: Evaluate

Assessment of the impact of Boost on performance, culture and working practices. Clear understanding of performance and ROI across the programme highlights where further development is required and greater gains can be made.


Empowering employees to transform customer experience

Join Andrew Gordon, Head of Performance Delivery at Buzz Bingo, and Mike Hurst, Client Director at Lane4, to learn how they partnered to create an innovative programme called ‘Boost’ – a completely new approach to development aimed at transforming the culture, customer experience and performance of the organisation.

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The benefits you will see from activating Boost

Digital Delivery Options

When faced with constraints, face-to-face learning isn’t always the best option. Our digital offering keeps your people connected and aware, allowing them to implement behaviour change whenever, wherever. Our range of digital delivery options can be added to an existing programme or combined to form fully virtual learning days.

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