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Leadership Development

We work with organisations to develop adaptable and capable leaders who enable future success.

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Developing leaders fit for the future

Nearly three quarters of UK organisations report leadership and management skills deficits and reportedly, 71% of today's leaders are not ready to lead their organisation in the future.

High performance in teams and organisations requires curious and agile leaders who can solve tomorrow's issues and create an environment where talent can thrive.

We're here to help your people become the best leaders they can be. Through our thought leadership, based on the latest neuroscience and performance psychology, we design bespoke, context specific development journeys that transition your people from managers through to strategic leaders. Our leadership framework is proven to develop adaptable and capable leaders who enable future success.


The skills your leaders need

From our research, we know that what it takes to be effective at one level of leadership differs dramatically from the next. Leaders need to develop different skills for different levels, as well as adapting to the changing requirements of businesses that are constantly transforming.

Team Leader

Typically these are your first-line to mid-level managers who are promoted on the back of their performance as outstanding individual contributors. Our programmes can help them to shift their focus from their individual performance to building and managing a high performing team.

Leader of Leaders

These are your leaders who are responsible for multiple teams (and leaders) or a function or division. Our programmes can help them to see the bigger picture so they can perfect the balance between their short term functional objectives and the longer term strategic goals of your business.

Strategic Leader

These senior leaders carry a significant amount of responsibility and visibility. Our programmes are designed to develop these leaders so they can drive execution, initiate change, act as inspiring role models for the organisation and set the strategic direction of your company.


The 5 leadership mindsets for future success

A new context for businesses and leaders is emerging and 79% of C-suite leaders agree that senior leaders in their organisations will need to adopt a different set of mindsets for their business to succeed in the future.

This whitepaper looks at the five paradoxical mindsets of future-fit leaders and how leaders will be able to navigate an uncertain future with nuance and confidence.

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An engaging leadership journey

Our Performance Learning Journey is designed to create an engaging learning experience and is underpinned by our evidence-based understanding of how people learn, behave and improve their performance. It provides the opportunity to track shifts in performance and measure your ROI. Every journey is unique, and your tailored programme will follow this high level process:

1. Engage

Success of any leadership development journey starts with engaged learners. Leaders need to understand the purpose of their learning and commit to making a change. They also need to understand where their strengths and development opportunities lie before they can successfully enhance their performance.

2. Activate

Providing a variety of problem-centred learning inputs allows leaders to explore a topic and see the links to their own role or performance. From there, our experimental learning methods will encourage leaders to discover and experiment with new skills and put them into practice.

3. Accelerate

Feedback and measurement tools allow leaders to identify their progress and plan for long-term changes in their behaviour. Purposeful practice then enables leaders to enhance performance by helping skills and behaviours to become automatic.

4. Discover and reflect

Reflection is key to experiential learning and is integrated at each of the above three stages of the Performance Learning Journey. A locker of resources allows leaders to tap into the brain’s natural curiosity and their intrinsic motivation to develop.

Digital Delivery Options

When faced with constraints, face-to-face learning isn’t always the best option. Our digital offering keeps your people connected and aware, allowing them to implement behaviour change whenever, wherever. Our range of digital delivery options can be added to an existing programme or combined to form fully virtual learning days.

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