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Personal Resilience Training

The key to thriving under pressure and bouncing back from adversity is personal resilience.

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Our approach to developing personal resilience

We acknowledge that pressure in an inevitable and valuable part of high performance. We tackle pressure head on and manage it effectively, so it doesn’t turn into stress. 

Our personal resilience training programmes focus on turning pressure into a positive experience and enhancing people’s performance. For over 20 years, Lane4 has been helping individuals and leaders to develop their personal resilience. We apply evidence-based approaches from sport and performance psychology to help individuals and leaders develop personal success strategies, a performance mindset and a resilient character.

How to develop personal resilience

Based on our unique model of personal resilience, there are three key areas to develop:

Success strategies

These are the skills and tactics that can be developed to help cope effectively and deal with sources of pressure. These can include things like honing our ability to draw on past experiences, controlling our emotions, being mindful and letting go of things we can’t control.

Performance mindset

A performance mindset determines how we unconsciously appraise and interpret high-pressure situations. Are they seen as challenges or opportunities? Adopting an effective performance mindset involves self-awareness, choosing to think differently, and then training and practice.

Resilient character

Certain characteristics impact how prone we are to stress and our ability to thrive. By raising awareness of these characteristics such as our drive or self-belief, we can learn to develop and evolve them over time.


Personal Resilience: Stress & Thriving

All of us, no matter how successful in our field, will face adversity at some point in our career. Although often unavoidable, these situations can make or break us. When the pressure is on, the difference between thriving and burning out is resilience. Resilience is, was, and always will be crucial to high performance. It’s as important as ever.

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The impact of developing personal resilience

Drawing on our research and from our experience of elite performance, we know that resilient people possess a number of skills and tactics that enable them to handle challenging situations. Our personal resilience training programmes are suitable for both leaders and individuals:

Outcomes for leaders:

Learn how to coach others to be resilient, build strong working relationships, prioritise effectively, communicate a strong vision and clarity of purpose and drive the change you want to see.

Outcomes for individuals:

Seek and embrace new challenges, focus on what matters most, innovate in times of adversity, capitalise on set-backs to build on performance and perform at the highest level while under pressure.

What sets us apart?


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