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Learning and performance are inextricably linked. A learning mindset and ability to adapt are crucial to help people fulfil their potential.

Whether it’s equipping your people with the skills to thrive in a modern workforce or using skill development to help to drive organisational change, Lane4 can help.

Our fully blended Learn4 curriculum and Per4mance Learning Journeys™ are designed to support your academy by developing the skills and behaviours your people need to perform at their best in a rapidly changing global environment.

Our suite of over 40 unique Per4mance Learning Journeys™ can be delivered at 3 levels in your organisation: Individual Contributor, Team Leader or Leader of Leaders.

Our approach

These off the shelf journeys can be tailored for your organisational context and include a variety of online and offline interactions so that individuals can personalise their learning journey and choose the most relevant content for them. At the heart of our approach is a focus on developing both adaptability and capability which we allow individuals to consistently perform at their best.

Our Learn4 Academy Curriculum

Our approach means that you’ll get:

An innovative skills curriculum based on the science of adult learning that maximises the performance of your people. This is based on our competency framework but can be adapted to yours if required

Learning journeys that work at all levels in your organisation, personalised for each learner and tailored to your organisational context

A complete blended experience that tracks performance improvements and provides clear ROI


Our academy curriculum: 

- Performance

- Talent Development

- Collaboration and Teamwork

- Communication and Trust

- Influence and Impact

- Decision Making

- Change and Innovation

- Customer and Strategy

Our Learn4 Academy Components
  • Curriculum consultancy - we work with you to understand the skills your people need for the future before developing a tailored curriculum
  • Content consultancy -  we offer off-the-shelf content and can develop tailored content for your exact needs. We can also curate your existing content and integrate it within  the learning journey
  • Expert global faculty - with a global network of partners and associates, we source the right subject matter experts for your cultural needs
  • Train the trainer - we have helped many organisations to develop a pool of certified internal facilitators
  • Digital learning experiences - we offer both off-the-shelf and bespoke digital learning experiences and content. These include virtual classrooms, webinars, e-learning modules, videos and digital toolkits which allow people to learn at a time and place that suits them
  • Programme management - we consult with you to find the best solution for managing your learning curriculum. We can support with logistics including scheduling, room booking, materials, catering, monitoring enrolments, reporting and post-programme evaluations
  • Programme marketing - we specialise in helping organisations to market their global learning programmes to drive engagement and participation
  • In-house production team – our production team can develop global learning materials from content development through to graphic design, video production and translation services
Why choose Lane4?
  • Learn4 is multi award-winning curriculum that has been delivered internationally
  • We have extensive experience of delivering large-scale, international development programmes that change behaviour, enhance performance and demonstrate return on investment.
  • Our unique approach develops the behaviours that need to change as your managers transition into leadership roles
  • Our research into how adults learn has refined how we design and deliver engaging content in the modern learning environment through our Per4mance Learning Journey methodology
  • We have helped organisations boost their performance, with 94% of learners feeling more equipped for their role