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Management Skills Training

Award-winning development that’s revolutionising global training.

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A skills academy to maximise your peoples potential

Learning and performance are inextricably linked. A learning mindset and ability to adapt are crucial to help people fulfil their potential.

Whether it’s equipping your people with the skills to thrive in a modern workforce or using skill development to help to drive organisational change, Lane4 can help. Our fully blended skills curriculum and Per4mance Learning Journeys™ are designed to support your academy by developing the skills and behaviours your people need to perform at their best in a rapidly changing global environment.

A new approach to skills training and academies

When designed and implemented effectively, management skills programmes and academies can fundamentally transform the performance of your organisation. Our approach means you'll get:

A personalised learning pathway

Learners will understand their strengths and their key development priorities through an online dilemmas diagnostic. This will provide a targeted approach to individual development rather than simply having access to a confusion and disorientating suite of learning course options. The result is fewer days away training and cost saving for your business without compromising on development quality.

The learner journey

Running large scale learning or an academy in your organisation is a great way to development people at multiple levels in a consistent way. However, while developing capability in people is important, adaptability is a critical skill that is often overlooked. Our approach combines adaptability and capability while creating a personalised journey for your learners to maximise their development.


The Future of Learning: Making Technology Sweat

The integration of technology into large-scale learning and development programmes is inevitable and, as a business case, a no-brainer.

However, simply making a programme more digital is by no means a guaranteed business win. Get it right, and the ROI is substantial. Get it wrong, and it’s money down the drain.

This whitepaper includes tips for designing and successfully integrating technology into your learning and development programmes.

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What you'll get from our Management Skills Training programme

We have over 40 unique learner journeys that can be delivered at three levels in your organisation: Leaders of Leaders, Team Leader and Individual Contributor.

A solution that works across all levels

Our solution works at all levels in your organisation and is personalised for each individual learner as well as tailored to your organisational context.

A robust skills curriculum

A robustly designed skills curriculum that gets the best out of your people whether using our own competency framework or mapping it to your competencies.

Key courses for time-poor employees

A way for time-poor employees to identify key courses they need to attend that will have the biggest impact.

A complete blended experience

A completed blended learning experience that tracks performance improvements and gives you a clear ROI.

Digital Delivery Options

When faced with constraints, face-to-face learning isn’t always the best option. Our digital offering keeps your people connected and aware, allowing them to implement behaviour change whenever, wherever. Our range of digital delivery options can be added to an existing programme or combined to form fully virtual learning days.

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