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People Change & Transformation

Working with organisations to sustain performance and resilience through times of change.

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Experts in the people-side of change

Organisational change is often complex, messy and hard to get right. We’re here to accelerate your change through aligned and engaged teams and we have the experience and methodologies to prove it

We know that people are hardwired to resist change. Stress, discomfort and avoidance are all natural responses to large scale changes. Whether it’s a lack of a compelling change vision, people without the skills to lead through ambiguity or a culture that hinders change, we work with stakeholders across the business - including senior leaders, HR and change teams - to sustain performance, engagement and resilience in times of organisational change.

We understand how to engage people during change

We recognise that no two change programmes are alike. Our cutting-edge research considers change context, an area neglected by academics and organisational change experts to date. With this unique insight, we design the right approach for your specific needs from a range of solutions including:

Understanding change context

We collect information so that we're able to provide insight and advice to help you understand your specific change context. The reports and recommendations are delivered to your senior leaders in a face-to-face session.

Future operating model

Using the recommendations outlined in our report, we help you lay the foundations to make your change a success. These are fundamental organisational elements such as updating vision and values, leadership frameworks and people transition plans.

Execute set plays

Our Playbook of set plays are a suite of interventions that make change a success. Based on your change context and the foundations laid for your future operating model, we work with you to select the interventions that will have the most impact on your change.

Monitor and create tactical plays

It's critical to continuously measure the impact and success of the change and relevant interventions. Based on the results, we can change the set plays or revisit some of the future operating model activities.


Organisational Change: All change is not equal

Change takes many different forms and yet, traditionally, academics and leaders alike have adopted a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mindset. Unfortunately, change is not that simple.

This whitepaper on organisational change includes key findings into various ways changes can differ and factors business leaders need to consider when implementing change.

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What sets our Lane4 change programme apart?

Digital Delivery Options

When faced with constraints, face-to-face learning isn’t always the best option. Our digital offering keeps your people connected and aware, allowing them to implement behaviour change whenever, wherever. Our range of digital delivery options can be added to an existing programme or combined to form fully virtual learning days.

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