Talent Management

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Our Programmes

Talent Acquisition

Our assessment centres are designed to help businesses make the right selection decisions. We work with you to create a rigorous and engaging process that will help you find the right talent for your business. The process involves an intensive set of exercises and assessments designed to gain multiple perspectives on candidate performance across a range of competencies. Our centres provide an effective, data-driven analysis of a candidate’s strengths, development needs and future potential. Through our developmental approach, they transform the candidate’s understanding of their own abilities and help them learn how to develop their own potential.

Assessment Diagnostics

We believe that robust measurement and feedback are critical to making effective people decisions. Assessments are an objective way of understanding current performance, future potential, strengths and development areas at an organisational, group or individual level. We can help you to assess your people at every level, including emerging leaders, senior leaders and executives. Some of our assessment tools include: High Performance Environment Scan (HPE); High performing teams (HPT), Assessment Centres, 360 degree feedback, Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Resilience, Learning Mindset, Change Readiness and Authentic Leadership.

When would you consider using assessment diagnostics?
  • Hiring and promoting: when making high-stakes hiring or promoting decisions.

  • Succession planning: when developing succession plans at all levels including executive positions, assessments can provide objective information upon which to base your decisions.

  • Benchmarking: understanding the current talent profile within the organisation.

  • Development: raising self-awareness or identifying areas for development, either at an individual or group level.

  • Merger or acquisitions: assessments can be used as part of due diligence to understand the capability of the incumbent top team. It’s also critical to understanding the ability of individuals or groups during the integration of two organisations.

Our approach to talent assessment
  • We use a wide variety of methodologies to gather data including questionnaires, interviews, 360’s and observations.
  • Our occupational psychologists and consultants have been trained to specifically analyse the data to disregard any cognitive biases.
  • We typically give feedback in a coaching environment, where there are practical tools and outcomes. You get to take away tips and tools that are actually useful, and which you can work with. Not just a number on a page.
  • We believe that assessments should be engaging and developmental. We work with you to design robust and valid assessments that are based in the reality of your organisation.
Why choose Lane4?

1. Expert: Developed over the past 20 years, our assessments focus on delivering against important business outcomes built on best practice models that are known to impact performance.

2. Comprehensive: Our unique approach to talent doesn’t just focus on functional capabilities. Using our own research based IP on the assessment and development of learning mindset and personal resilience, we enable your employees to grow their potential.

3. Developmental: We have an expert team of coaches and psychologists who focus on the participant interactions, meaning that regardless of the outcome, your leaders take away a valuable development experience.

4. Impactful: We help managers and participants to come up with answers and practical strategies that can be implemented immediately and maintained over the longer-term to positively impact organisational performance.

Leadership Transitions

Successful leadership transitions are crucial to the future success of an organisation. However, failure too often arises because leaders are not equipped to meet the demands of new, more senior roles. As leaders progress, they need to develop new skills and behaviours while moderating familiar habits that are no longer of value. We enable your people to effectively move between roles, and reduce the time needed to become effective in their new position. You will be able to manage successful transitions, including exits, redundancies, mergers and acquisitions as well as promotions.

Key detail


Our research has identified 4 leadership levels:

Individual contributor
Focuses on achieving results through their own personal proficiency and technical skills

Team leader
Responsible for building and managing a high performing team

Leader of leaders
Leads multiple teams, a function or division

Strategic leader
Sets the strategic direction of the business and has significant responsibility and visibility


We have developed a 3-way approach to successful Leadership transition. We develop the 4 capabilities required, build their adaptability and help them to identify with their role as they transition.

Our approach to leadership transition training

We understand that there isn’t one simple solution. Our approach is tailored to the demands of your organisation, balancing the specific level of your leaders and their needs as an individual. Drawing on experiential learning methods, challenging coaching conversations and a range of measurement tools, our programmes equip your people to transition successfully whilst maximising their potential.

Why choose Lane4?

1. We are uniquely placed in the market place, as we have a holistic approach. It’s easy to focus only on the capabilities, but we know that successful transitions only occur when you develop a leader’s adaptability and identity as well.


2. Our “leaderships transitions” framework is based on our own extensive scientific research, and has been tested across multiple organisations and leaders around the world.

3. You’re able to apply the transitions framework across your whole organisation, not just in isolated areas, or leadership levels.


Personal Resilience

Every high performer has their own story of why resilience has been central to them achieving success whilst dealing effectively with the demands placed upon them. Lessons from performance psychology suggest that those who deal most effectively with the pressures of their job are those who thrive rather than simply cope. With personal resilience, your people will feel confident to be able to put themselves into challenging situations where they will develop and grow, as well as maintaining performance over a sustained period of time. Our framework encourages your people to have a performance mindset, a range of success strategies and a resilient character, including self-belief within the context of their health, wellbeing and the environment in which they work.

Key detail

Personal resilience is vital in many work situations including:

  • Setting up a new business/division
  • Going through periods of change                                                                            
  • Moving to a new role                            
  • Improving the general well being of your people                       
  • Leading teams to become resilient                 


Our approach to developing personal resilience

Using the latest, proven techniques to promote real, long-term changes in performance and wellbeing, we provide you with practical strategies that can be implemented immediately; over time these will lead to sustained behaviour change.

Our approach is underpinned by rigorous research and uses the latest science and technology including Heart Rate Variability (HRV) feedback to ensure maximum impact.

Our psychometric questionnaires enable individuals to identify personal resilience strengths and development areas, used before and after our programmes. It provides individuals with insight into their progress, and aggregates results for the organisation.


Why choose Lane4?

1. We introduced personal resilience 20 years, before it become popular in the market place. We are experts in this space and have worked with thousands of people across the globe.

2. Our sporting heritage means that many of our consultants are ex-elite performers or manage elite sport teams, truly understanding “what it takes” to be personally resilient and the impact that it has on performance.

3. While many people look to minimise stress levels, we acknowledge that pressure is an inevitable and valuable part of high performance. Our programme aims to enhance peoples’ understanding of how to turn pressure into a positive and enhance performance.

4. We will safely challenge your people using a range experiential learning methods, stretching coaching conversations and robust measurement tools.

As well as Talent Management, Lane4 also offers a wide range of other development, as well as consultancy programmes. Specialising in leadership development, team and talent development and management skills training, contact our specialist team to request more information about of courses and consulting.

Development Centres

A development centre is an intensive development programme including experiential and workshop sessions that are assessed throughout by our professional psychologists. We use stretching situations to challenge negative mindsets and limiting beliefs, enabling people to reach their potential.

Key detail
  • Our programmes are immersive and give people the opportunity to deliberately practice their skills in a safe environment, e.g. storytelling, role-play and forum theatre.

  • The data is structured around your competency framework and forms the basis of the individual’s personalised performance development plan going forward.

  • Skills gaps are identified and specific development takes place on a 1-to-1 basis with a coach.

  • We use real life scenarios that are relevant to your organisation and your people’s roles, bringing the content to life and allowing them to put their new skills into practice.

  • Accelerated learning takes place through actionable goals that are developed through personal development plans.

  • Clear results and return on investment are demonstrated through the re-measures of 360 diagnostics.


Our approach to development centres
  • Engaging and experiential: Individuals are involved, challenged and will find the exercises applicable to their roles and the organisation.
  • Feedback-rich: It’s an iterative process, where they are provided with immediate feedback from a wide range of sources so skills are practised and developed over the course of the centre.
  • Clear and valid assessment: They are provided with clear results through the use of exercises, feedback and psychometric tools. Assessments take place at multiple times during the centre.
  • Fair and suitable for diverse approaches: Our consultants are skilled in giving objective feedback avoiding cognitive biases in the room.


Why choose Lane4?

1. Our approach, underpinned by rigorous research, is rooted in a performance mindset and an underlying belief in individuals’ potential to develop and perform.

2. The opportunity to receive real time feedback on performance, reflect, and immediately change behaviour creates a transformational impact.

3. Our immersive development centres allow your people to focus on key skills that enable them to transition to new roles successfully.

4. Our development centres are flexible and can be used as stand-alone programmes or as part of a broader learning journey.

5. Our programmes are technology enabled, enhancing the person’s learning experience via virtual classrooms, WebEx, video, simulations or gamification (i.e. use of games to better transfer learning).