Team Development

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Our Programmes

High Performing Teams

Our High Performing Team Development Programmes and diagnostic give your teams a competitive edge, by focusing on the key elements of teamwork that truly differentiate best achieving groups from the ordinary. Our development, training and coaching focuses on elements such as team leadership, team emotion, team process & team mind. Teams who have completed the programme will have improved communication skills, alongside improved ways of working and collaborating. They’ll be able to overcome obstacles and barriers, and have newly established ways of working at a higher level of performance.

Key detail

Our comprehensive team development journey includes a team diagnostic, development days with experiential activities and simulations, one-to-one coaching supported by team observation, and high-quality feedback to ensure application in the workplace.


Key benefits of team development include:

  • Greater team alignment                         
  • Enhanced team performance under pressure
  • Better communication and decision-making                 
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • More supportive environment, engaged team members
  • Higher productivity, product quality, and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced employee turnover                                                                              
  • Exceptional team collaboration



Our approach to developing teamwork

From our research with teams in many performance disciplines, we know that team development workshops alone won’t have a real, sustained impact on performance. Instead, teams are supported via coaching, observation and facilitated action learning groups to apply their learning back to the workplace. We then track their progress over time.

Each programme is customised to meet the specific challenges and needs of the team.


Why choose Lane4?

1. Our experience of working with elite sportspersons and ‘best in class’ senior business teams enables us to share the key drivers of a high performing team.

2. Our unique teamwork training framework is based on our scientific research and underpinned by our team diagnostic.

3. You will have a clear sight of your teams’ strengths, areas for improvement and any obstacles that are getting in the way of high performance.

As well as team development, Lane4 also offers a wide range of other development and consultancy programmes. Specialising in leadership development, team and talent development and management skills training, contact our specialist team to request more information about our courses and consulting.





Collaborative Teams

We take a holistic approach to collaboration, starting with your organisation’s capability. We’ll identify and remove any barriers to cohesion, including team boundaries, organisational design and/or blockers in a network. Based on our research, we’ll also then develop each of the capabilities that your employees need to collaborate effectively. However, we know that alone, skills and capabilities may not be enough; it’s employees’ motivation that’s the key to unlocking collaboration. With that self-awareness, we enable the behavioural shift to achieve a common goal.

Key detail

When effective, collaboration can enable organisations to:

  • Adapt quickly to take advantage of opportunities

  • Improve efficiencies of work streams                     

  • Provide development for employees

  • Encourage innovation                                                                 

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Drive the creation of high performing teams

  • Develop commercial or external partnerships




Our approach to collaborative teams

Collaboration is dynamic. An individual or organisation’s behaviour in each collaborative venture will vary depending on the people you involve, the outcome you want to achieve, and the process you use to get there. We work with you on two levels to improve collaboration: at an individual and an organisational level.

Presented on an easy-to-use-dashboard, we have several diagnostics to identify strengths and opportunities. These help you to understand the barriers and capabilities in your business, and are supported by a network map of your organisation.


Why choose Lane4?

1. Our approach is grounded in the latest research in performance psychology and draws on the commercial experience of our expert consultants.

2. We have a unique approach that explores how organisations collaborate, looking at the potential they have to improve what they are currently doing, not just focusing on the barriers to collaboration.


3. We have two diagnostics to measure capabilities and skills: an organisational dashboard and an individual based survey.

4. We have a holistic approach to collaboration. We not only develop the rational skills, structures and processes, but also focus on the emotional and psychological drivers