Our Values

The story behind our values

Our company values were first articulated in 1999 when there were about 20 of us. We wanted something that truly reflected what makes us, us, and we sought feedback from both our customers and each other about what made our company special. 

These seven original values – Integrity, Enthusiasm, Openness, Care, Quality, Learning and Performance – have been instrumental in our journey to date. They became our identity, the foundation on which our culture is built, and they generated a sense of belonging for the people who work here. 

In 2019, 20 years after the creation of these original values, we launched four refreshed values to better articulate our identity and culture today. They too express what makes us special, what we hold dear and what sets us apart from other businesses. As you get to know us better we hope our company values will resonate with you – whether you are a customer, associate or future Lane4er. We commit to living them every day.

Our values: what you might hear or see us do

These new values capture the essence of our original ones and preserve what is rooted so deeply in our heritage. They too express what makes us special, what we hold dear and what sets us apart from other businesses. Our four refreshed values are dynamic and work in combination with each other, there is no hierarchy between them. As you get to know Lane4 better, we hope our company values will resonate with you – whether you are a customer, associate or future Lane4er. We commit to living them every day.

Pushing Boundaries: We are passionate about performance.

We are always moving forward - innovating and improving – passionately driving performance. We give our best, both individually and in our teams. We always push for excellence for ourselves and for our customers.

People Champions: We are human, we care.

We care about people and believe in the potential of our colleagues, the people we lead and our customers. We make a difference to people’s working lives. We create an environment where difference is celebrated, and everyone is included.

Growing Communities: We build relationships for life.

We build relationships that grow far beyond business connections. This holds true for our customers, for our associates and partner organisations as well as charities and social projects we work with locally and overseas.

Contagious Curiosity: We are always learning.

We are always curious, asking questions and delving deeper in everything we do. We share our knowledge freely. We are always open to learn with and from each other.


Pushing Boundaries

We have big dreams and believe that anything is possible. Instead of asking ‘why not?’ we ask ‘what if?’ to challenge the status quo and generate new ideas. Sometimes it might be about gaining the extra 1% – small, continuous, everyday improvements. Other times it might be supporting ourselves and others to unlearn old behaviours or patterns and embrace new ones. Whatever our goals, we break them down into manageable chunks to make dreams become reality.

We don’t expect to get it right all the time, and we look for learning in both our successes and our failures. We take time to celebrate our achievements.

Dreaming big can make things feel a bit edgy at times and we balance this challenge with high support, always managing performance with care.


People Champions

Our guiding principle is ‘belief in potential’ and we champion those around us to be the best they can be. We care deeply about making a difference to the lives of the people we work with and for, and providing a brilliant service. By taking a coaching approach we unlock the performance potential in others.

Comfortable with giving feedback, we ask for it too, always from a position of positive intent. We are generous with our time; we stop to say hello and we look out for each other when times are tough.

We recognise that we are all individuals with different preferences and styles. This awareness runs through everything we do, from our products to how we lead our teams, and the experience we give to our customers. Inside Lane4 we have an inclusive culture and we strive to make everyone feel like they belong and able to give the best of themselves.   


Growing Communities

Our relationships are built on trust. We are reliable, credible and open – always striving to do what we say we will. We put people first and business second. In doing so, we look for ways to create shared value that extends beyond business transactions.

We are authentic and bring our whole selves to our work, connecting with other people at a human level. This helps us to understand what really matters to them and to see things from their perspective.

Our relationships often transcend the workplace and this is reflective of the meaningful work that we do. We draw on these personal bonds to collaborate and create networks that have a positive impact on our lives, the lives of our customers and our wider (global) community.


Contagious Curiosity

We are fascinated with the psychology of performance; what it takes to consistently give the best of ourselves, and what can sometimes get in the way. We have big dreams for ourselves, and for our customers, and we seek out new, innovative ways to make our dreams become reality.

We are comfortable with both sharing our own expertise and learning from others. We ask questions and listen intently on the assumption that the other person will know something that we don’t. We boldly share our knowledge, views and feedback to create better outcomes. With our customers, we are committed to discovery and truly understanding the context we are operating in.

Questions about joining Lane4?

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