1 in 3 UK organisations don't offer any health or wellbeing support or services. At Lane4, our personalised learning tool - Balance4 - is designed to empower employees to measure, understand and develop their wellbeing.

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Your people at their best and thriving

Operating from a state of wellbeing puts people in a position to maximise their potential. What can we learn from the research?


of people are more likely to say they are motivated to do their best in an organisation that promotes health and wellbeing. Organisations can also expect to have 19% less staff turnover and 21% higher job satisfaction.


is the real cost of the UK productivity crisis. It is estimated that investing in wellbeing could save businesses up to £1.7 billion from lower absenteeism and increased productivity levels.


of UK employees report that their workplaces don’t offer any health or wellbeing support or services, despite the clear financial, health, performance and cultural benefits.

At Lane4, wellbeing means thriving

Our wellbeing framework combines 25 years of academic expertise with the latest thought leadership and our own primary research. We have created a framework that understands and nurtures all aspects of employee wellbeing - focusing on any of these alone is not enough.

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Introducing Balance4

Based on our own holistic wellbeing framework, Balance4 helps individuals to measure, understand and develop their own wellbeing to help them operate at their best and thrive. At an organisation level, you can access accurate reporting on the wellbeing profile of your employees.

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What is Balance4, and how can it help?

As an entirely self-serve digital learning tool, Balance4 supports your people wherever they are, with an up-front diagnostic to assess learning needs, a personalised report pinpointing strengths and development areas, and 9 interactive, bite-sized e-learning modules to develop skills and improve wellbeing.


An easy-to-use, statistically validated diagnostic with 30 wellbeing questions that can be completed in just 5 minutes.


A comprehensive, personal report designed to understand your strengths and development areas and provide accurate feedback.


A combination of interactive e-learning, top tips, mini quizzes, real-life dilemmas, videos and much more to develop wellbeing.

Balance4 will help your people to:

  • Measure their current wellbeing levels
  • Understand the triggers that prevent them from achieving greater wellbeing
  • Deal with stress
  • Stay calm despite pressure and/or setbacks
  • Lead more fulfilling, purposeful lives

Balance4 will help your business to:

  • Compare and contrast wellbeing levels across different business units
  • Make better decisions based on real data
  • Drive accountability for personal development and self-directed learning
  • Offer flexible, just-in-time support to people at all levels
  • Reap the rewards of employee wellbeing, such as engagement, profitability and retention

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